Medicine - Seminar M2.2
"Pathogenesis of immunological diseases on the basis of selected case studies."

Notes for the preparation of the seminar presentation:

  • Sign into the list in your course room. Every subject will be arranged by 1-2 students. Remember subject and date of your presentation.

  • Obtain the allocated materials for your subject from the table below. Here you will find links to online chapters of Janeway's Immunobiology (5th edition) or review articles from scientific journals with detailed background information on the respective clinical case. The materials are supposed to ease comprehension of your subject but should not be topic of your presentation themselves.

  • Prepare your presentation independently. It should cover the following aspects:
    * Theoretical background
    * Case study presentation
    * Pathophysiology

  • Your presentation should last no more than 15-20 minutes. You should prepare a chart for blackboard or overhead projector, a beamer is not yet available in every course room.

Please direct only urgent inquiries to the administration office of the department of immunology (Ms. Teuteberg) at or Tel. 39-5878.

Subject Case Background information
1 Asplenia Janeway 1.1-1.4
2 Graft-versus-Host-Disease Janeway 13.16-24
3 MHCI/MHCII-Deficiency Janeway 5.1-5.8
4 Superantigens/Toxic Shock Syndrome Janeway 5.9-5.18
5 Hyper-lgM-Syndrome Janeway 9.1-9.11
6 Leprosy Janeway 8.1-14 & Janeway 8.26-29
7 Multiple Sclerosis Review by Linker et al.
8 Infectious mononucleosis Review by Kutok et al.

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